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Derp Around and Drink Tea

"Freezerburn! Checkmate! Ladybug! Bumblebee! Iceflower!”

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What sort of Dragon*Con 2014 costuming/cosplay panels and events are everyone going to?

I’m considering/wishing I didn’t already have time conflicts with:

  • "The Vintage Vogue Fashion Show: Historical Costumes Real & Imagined" Friday @ 1pm
  • "13th Annual Dragon*Con Parade" Saturday @ 10am
  • "Costuming: Victorian & Edwardian" Saturday @ 1pm
  • "Costuming: Rococo & Regency" Saturday @ 8:30pm 
  •  ”Costuming: Dieselpunk & the Great Wars” Sunday @ 7:30pm
  • "Leather Garments for Cosplay" Sunday @ 7pm
  • "Budget Burlesque" Sunday @10pm 

Anything I forgot? 

so many crafty costuming things! It’ll be hard to juggle all the panels, but everything already sounds awesome!


Thanks to every one who voted for my coords in the Coord Collage Contest!

I think I am going to be filling my tumblr with more coords collages in between outfit shots. I will still be posting my outfits, but lately I haven’t had a lot of occasions to dress up or someone to take pictures when I do. Hopefully fall/winter meets will change that - but in the meantime who doesn’t love coord collages? :)

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Vampire doctors that can smell if you have a blood disease.

Werewolf therapy animals for sick kids.

Nature sprite and nymph nurses that always make sure people have pretty flowers to brighten up their white rooms.

Fauns that go around and sing and dance for patients so that they smile.

Nice monster hospitals would be amazing

Someone write a book about this.

adorable monster hospital! Someone make the thing!

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sic burn

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Artist Shintaro Ohata Seamlessly Blends Sculpture and Canvas to Create 3D Paintings

When first viewing the artwork of Shintaro Ohata up close it appears the scenes are made from simple oil paints, but take a step back and you’re in for a surprise. Each piece is actually a hybrid of painted canvas and sculpture that blend almost flawlessly in color and texture to create a single image. The cinematic figures are sculpted from polystyrene while the backgrounds are made from traditional painting techniques.

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someone on facebook is complaining that it’s hard getting used to having a full time job, saving up vacation time (that’s probably paid), and using a benefits plan……. I can’t even. Why are you doing this?

usually I scroll really fast past these types of posts, but this one stole my heart!

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23 year old biologist

Awesome things I like include
Cheerful colors
Frilly things
Lacy things
Video games
Sleepy Hollow
Welcome to Night Vale
Attack on Titan
Smashing the Patriarchy
And people smiling~



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